Luis A.

Started working here a little over four years ago in an entry-level position while getting my bachelor’s.  Fortunately, M&R was in the industry I was looking to get into, and ever since I’ve worked here, they have given me the resources, knowledge, and experience needed to succeed.  I’ve been able to grow within this manufacturing company and now hold a management position.

Maria O.

I’ve worked for M&R for more than four years now, they have a great benefits program along with good pay according to experience and capabilities. This company makes it feel like you are one big part of a family, I like working here and I’m very happy for this opportunity to be working for them.

Quality Engineer, long standing defense customer

I would like to thank M&R Engineering for the quality of service provided through the year of Pandemic.  We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability that M&R Engineering has shown on each product with the highest quality possible, and the way M&R Engineering conducts business as an iconic business partner!

Bryan Smith, Thirty Meter Telescope

Working with Dick and Natalia at M&R engineering has been a pleasure! They have been the easiest vendor for our project to work with and have constantly gone out of their way to help us when we were in a pinch and pushed up against our schedule. They are professional, knowledgeable and skilled in a manner to ensure our tight tolerances are met and they have exceeded our expectations!!

Pedro Ricardo Romero Alvarez, Commercial Customer

Been working with M & R Engineering for about 3 years now, totally recommend this vendor, a great commitment to helping reach our goals and willingness to improve our business. Great product, Great service. And all situations that have gone south, they have put all of their efforts to help us solve the situation.  Great vendor overall!

Commercial Customer

What I truly like about their team is that they’re always good about communicating to us any production schedule or delivery changes in advance so it gives us time to review our internal planning and work together to ensure delivery of our parts is on time.

Commercial Customer

Their prices are very good, they are on time on very accelerated schedules, and their quality is great. They’ve recommended ways to improve our designs, and reduce costs.

Rich H

In August 2012, I relocated from the East Coast looking for an opportunity for growth and development as a CNC Setup Operator/Programmer. I was given the opportunity to take Mastercam 2017 Programming classes to enhance my programming skills. After 5 years of dedication, I was promoted to Supervisor of the CNC Swiss Department. I see an opportunity for continuous growth at M&R Engineering.

Ramon L.

When I joined M&R Engineering 3 years ago as a machine attendant, I was looking for an opportunity to better myself. M&R Engineering gave me an opportunity to learn on the job, and even sent me to CNC school. Now, I am setting up single spindle CNC Lathe machines and hope to become a production manager one day.