Natalia Sephton

Natalia Sephton M&R Engineering

Natalia acquired M&R Engineering in August 2018.  She initially joined the company in 2016 as Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining M&R Engineering, she managed Torrance Operations for Alcoa Fastening Systems (Arconic Fastening Systems).  Natalia worked for Alcoa for 14 years and held multiple roles in engineering and operations with progressive growth in responsibility. Natalia received an undergraduate degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering and an MBA from the University of Southern California.  Natalia always puts the customer first and looks for ways to improve overall customer experience.

Maureen Derseweh

Maureen joined M&R Engineering in 1997 and has made a continuing contribution to various aspects of the business including sales, order management, inventory and production control, MRP implementation, and integration of R&B Plastics into M&R Engineering. Prior to M&R Engineering, Maureen was a plant manager for a company producing emergency notification products. Growing up in a manufacturing environment, Maureen has always had a passion for manufacturing products. She believes in putting the customer first, maintaining communications with customers on a daily basis and focusing on customer requirements.

Elizabeth Fierro

Customer Success Manager at M&R Engineering

Elizabeth joined M&R Engineering in 2015 as an Office Manager responsible for Customer Service, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Human Resources.  In 2020, Elizabeth got promoted to Business Relationship Manager where she is responsible for the overall customer experience.  Before M&R Engineering, Elizabeth was an Office Manager in Warehousing Industry for over 15 years. Elizabeth believes that Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. She believes in building strong, long-lasting relationships with customers to satisfy customers’ ever-evolving needs. 



Frank Musacchio

Frank joined M&R Engineering as a Director of Manufacturing in 2016. Frank brings over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, heat treating and plating, lean manufacturing, supply chain management, MRP implementation, and project management. Frank held progressive management roles with a large aerospace manufacturer including production planning manager, manufacturing manager, and operations manager. Frank successfully developed and built operational teams that delivered higher quality and improved delivery to multiple product lines.

Kevin Tiedt

Kevin joined M&R Engineering in 2005. Through the years, Kevin has had multiple responsibilities with the company, from running the shop operations to integrating R&B Plastics into M&R Engineering. Kevin brings over 30 years of machining experience. Currently, Kevin leads the Quality and Process Improvement team implementing advanced technologies throughout machining to deliver superior value to our customers. He is also heading M&R Engineering tech training team to ensure our employees are the best trained in the industry.