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Quality guarantee| AS9100 Rev D & ISO 9001 | M&R Engineering

Supplier Purchase Order Quality Clauses

  • Q1 QUALITY SYSTEM REQUIRED: If required by M&R Engineering's customer, the supplier shall establish and maintain an effective Quality System in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, AS9100, NADCAP, etc. As part of the Quality System, supplier must ensure that their personnel is aware of their contribution to product conformity, product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior. The supplier's Quality System is subject to On-Site or Off-Site audit, verification, approval and/or disapproval by M&R Engineering's representatives.
  • Q2 MRB AUTHORITY: Material review board authority is not authorized by this purchase order.
  • Q3 APPROVAL & CHANGES: The supplier is not authorized to approve changes in product or process on this purchase order.
  • Q4 RAW MATERIALS & SPECIAL PROCESSES: Raw materials used in this purchase order shall be accompanied with original mill certifications, chemical and/or physical test results. Raw Material and Special Processing supplier shall certify the specific requirements (ie: AMS Spec) defined on the purchase order. Unless otherwise specified on the Purchase Order, material/process shall be compliant to the latest specification revision.
  • Q5 LOT CONTROL/TRACEABILITY: Where, and to the extent that, traceability is a specific requirement, the supplier shall apply a unique identification to the individual product, material, or batch (ie: Lot #, Date code) per PO requirements. This identification data shall be recorded and traceable to related supplier's records and must appear on both the packing slip and product certification.
  • Q6 SUPPLIER QUALITY RECORDS: The supplier shall maintain suitable records (inspection reports, test reports, material certifications, PO requirements, etc) to serve as evidence of conformance with specified requirements. Such records shall be legible and traceable to the product involved. These records shall be maintained for a minimum of ten (10) years from the date of the final manufacture or as stated otherwise in the PO and must be disposed of via on-site shredding.
  • Q7 SUBMISSION OF NONCONFORMING PRODUCT: Nonconforming product returned to the supplier by M&R Engineering, and subsequently resubmitted to M&R Engineering shall bear adequate identification of such nonconformance. Identification may be listed on the previously non-conforming articles, materials, or applicable supplier's records. The supplier shall provide evidence that the root cause of the nonconformance was corrected and that actions were taken to prevent recurrence.
  • Q8 SUPPLIER NOTIFICATION OF NONCONFORMING PRODUCT DELIVERED: When the supplier has determined that nonconforming product(s) have been delivered to M&R Engineering, the supplier shall notify the buyer within twenty-four (24) hours of the initial discovery. The supplier shall use receipt acknowledgment e-mail or other positive notification method. The notification shall include the supplier name, M&R Engineering's PO number, part number and description, affected quantity and serial numbers (if applicable), packing slip numbers and a brief description of the nonconforming condition.
  • Q9 ACCESS TO SUPPLIER'S FACILITIES: During contract performance, the supplier shall grant reasonable access to the applicable areas of their facilities and documented information to the representatives of M&R Engineering, M&R Engineering's customers, US government, regulatory agencies for the purpose of evaluating the supplier's conformance to all PO/Contract requirements. When applicable, the access requirement shall be flowed down by the supplier to the supplier's sub-tier sources.
  • Q10 FIRST ARTICLE INSPECTION REPORT: When specified on the purchase order, Supplier shall perform a First Article Inspection on all new product, drawing revision changes, or process changes and forward one (1) copy of the First Article Inspection Report to the M&R Engineering buyer.
  • Q11 CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMANCE: Included with each shipment to M&R Engineering shall be a Certificate of Conformance signed by the supplier's Quality Representative indicating as a minimum the product’s lot or heat traceability number, the process description, process specification number and revision, name and address of the supplier, the purchase order, part number, and part revision.
  • Q12 MATERIAL TRACEABILITY: The material used on this Purchase Order must be positively identified to maintain traceability to original manufacturer's Heat Lot or Batch number according to original mill certifications and/or test results. Traceability must be maintained throughout the manufacturing process and completed product.
  • Q13 CONTROL OF SUB-TIER SOURCES: The supplier is responsible for meeting all PO/Contract specified technical and quality requirements, whether the supplier performs the work or it is performed by the supplier's sub-tier sources. When the supplier uses sub-tier sources to perform work on products and/or services scheduled for delivery to M&R Engineering, the supplier shall flow down to sub-tier sources all of the applicable technical and quality requirements of the original M&R Engineering PO/Contract.
  • Q14 REQUIREMENTS FOR QUALIFICATION OF PERSONNEL: Where applicable, only qualified/certified personnel shall be used based on process specification requirements (NDT, etc). Records shall be maintained of the personnel qualifications/certifications.
  • Q15 DELEGATED AUTHORITY OF INSPECTION FOR RAW MATERIAL: Where applicable, M&R Engineering authorizes and requires the supplier to perform receiving inspection on all raw material purchased by M&R Engineering and delivered by another supplier. Confirm that the raw material received is the correct alloy, shape and size and is not damaged in any way. Original shipping and certification documents must be included with shipments made by the supplier.
  • Q16 COUNTERFEIT PARTS AND MATERIALS: The supplier verifies that parts and materials are new and authentic and verify the procurement source and associated certifying paperwork. Appropriate incoming inspection test methods shall be used to detect potential counterfeit parts and materials. Parts and materials that supplier suspects may be counterfeit, defined as an unauthorized copy or substitute or a previously used part represented as “new,” must immediately be quarantined and a corrective action must be done. The authenticity of parts and materials through document traceability must be made available to the Buyer upon request. The supplier shall flow this requirement down to all sub-tier suppliers to prevent the inadvertent use of counterfeit parts and materials.
  • Q17 INTERNATIONAL TRAFFIC IN ARMS REGULATIONS (ITAR): The technical data and components herein provided may be subject to export control under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and will be indicated as ITAR controlled. The technical data and components may not be disclosed to any foreign persons or foreign commercial entities, including employees, vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, and consultants. The technical data will be used for the manufacture or processing of the articles required by the purchase order. The supplier will convey the same requirement to its sub-tier suppliers. The supplier also agrees to destroy or return all technical data upon completion of the purchase order.
  • Q18 PLATING VISUAL ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA: Plating should be complete with no bubbles, spotting, blemishes, and no apparent signs of bare material. Any discoloration or noticeably uneven plating is unacceptable. Poor plating cause by improper masking will be returned to vendor for rework.
  • Q19 ROHS COMPLIANCE: The product furnished to M&R Engineering under this purchase order must not contain more than 0.1% weight lead, mercury (or compounds thereof), hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE); and 0.01 % weight cadmium (or compounds thereof) in accordance with the European Union’s Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive 2002/95/EC.
  • Q20 MERCURY FREE STATEMENT: The product furnished to M&R Engineering under this purchase order shall contain no metallic mercury or mercury compounds and shall be free of mercury contamination. In addition, the supplier shall furnish a signed statement of conformance to this requirement, which certifies to the following: “all parts and/or materials on this order contain no metallic Mercury or Mercury compounds.”
  • Q21 FRAUD OR FALSIFICATION: When required by M&R Engineering purchase order, the supplier agrees to include the following statement on documentation and certifications provided to M&R Engineering “Note: The recording of false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements or entries on this document may be punishable as a felony under federal statute.” This requirement must be flowed down to providers of any subcontracted work performed on this purchase order. Refer to the purchase order for any additional Fraud and Falsification requirements, which may be required for this order.
  • Q22 CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP OR FACILITY LOCATION: The supplier shall notify M&R Engineering if the supplier’s ownership has changed or if the facility processing this purchase order has been relocated.
  • Q23 CALIBRATION: The supplier shall use inspection and test equipment for acceptance calibrated to the requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540.1-1994 or other recognized standards.