Torlon® Machined Parts

M&R Engineering offers Torlon® Machined Components to meet the specific needs of our customers. Torlon® is a brand name for a durable and cost-effective amorphous polyamide-imide plastic. Torlon® can be pressed into a multitude of shapes and injection molded into custom geometric shapes.
When To Use Torlon® Machined Components
Torlon® machined components are resistant to impact, wear, and creep. Due to these features, this material is commonly used in the electronic and aerospace industries. Torlon® is available in several grades, offering a low thermal expansion coefficient as well as strength and toughness at temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). Torlon® machining creates tougher and more impact resistant at cryogenic temperatures compared to other well-known polymers. A few examples of common projects that utilize Torlon® machining are seals, insulators, and caps.
M&R Engineering Torlon® Machining
M&R Engineering can assist you with your plastic machining needs. Contact us to learn more about howTorlon® and plastic CNC turning can benefit your project.
Torlon® Machined Parts Industries Served
R&B Plastics, an M&R Engineering Company

In 2007, M&R Engineering acquired R&B Plastics to expand capabilities into high precision CNC machined Plastic parts. To this day, we deliver high quality parts to R&B customers.

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