Steel Machined Parts

Benefits of Using Steel as your Machined Parts Material

The benefits of using steel for your machined parts include: steel is an inexpensive material, corrosion resistant, can be plated, can be heat treated for additional strength. Steel can also come in a wide range of varieties. Such as leaded, unleaded, low carbon, high carbon, and more. Steel is described on a gradient scale which articulates the amount of carbon, level of impurities, and alloying elements in the metal. There are a few well-known gradients of steel used in machining. These are alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, and tool steel. According to the World Steel Association, there are over 3,500 different grades of steel!

In machining, steel is an excellent material for close tolerances with our ability to create well-defined corners and edges in precision machining. Because of this, steel is ideal for a technically precise project. Steel components also have great resistance to tension-breaking and deformation, this is because of its strength and the hardness of the metal.

Industries that Use Steel Machined Parts

Steel machined parts are often used in the automotive and aerospace industries for items such as strips, rods, and sheets. Utilizing steel allows for more precise dimensions and improved surface qualities. It is a great option for projects that require enhanced aesthetics, as well as ones that require a harder and stronger material. Our defense and recreational customers also frequently use steel machined parts in their precision machining projects.

What is Precision Machining?

Precision Machining is a process to remove material from a workpiece while holding close tolerance finishes. Steel is an excellent material for this work due to its ability to handle the tension. Our precision machines have many types of machining which include: milling, turning, and electrical discharge.  We also have precision machines controlled using a Computer Numerical Controls (CNC).

Our Steel Precision Machining Process

M&R Engineering utilizes the precision machining process for some of our steel machined parts projects. We have made steel parts using turning, milling and the Davenport machines. As well as heat treated and plated steel parts. Out of all the materials here at M&R Engineering, we work with steel the most frequently.

The benefit of working with us is the fact that we are your one-stop shop for processing to the production of the parts. M&R Engineering can help you with all levels of steal. From processing it, heat treating the metal, to plating it. In the last few months we have worked on manufacturing steel inserts, connectors, fittings, hydraulics, and post. As well as Davenport machined steel parts such as fluid delivery systems, aftermarket automotive parts, aerospace fluid delivery systems, water fluid delivery systems, and fasteners.

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Steel Machined Parts
  • Fluid Delivery Systems 
  • Fasteners
  • Strips
  • Rods
  • Sheets
R&B Metals, an M&R Engineering Company

In 2007, M&R Engineering acquired R&B Plastics to expand capabilities into high precision CNC machined Plastics parts. To this day, we deliver high-quality parts to R&B Plastics customers.

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