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Benefits of Using Carbon Fiber as your Machined Parts Material

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the use of carbon fiber in machined parts. Both carbon fiber and ceramic materials are direct replacements of parts previously machined using aluminum. Carbon fiber has some noteworthy benefits such as its lightweight and its high strength to weight ratio. These benefits attribute to its recent climb in popularity, carbon fiber allows parts to be made with equal strength of aluminum as well as sometimes 50% less weight. However, the disadvantages of carbon fiber are the fact that once you damage it, you have to start over. This rigid aspect of carbon fiber makes it more difficult to machine with and presents unique challenges as well as special machining requirements.

Which Industries Use Carbon Fiber Machined Parts

Aerospace, defense, sports, recreational equipment, boating, and marine customers often utilize carbon fiber in their machined parts. For example, this material has taken off in the bicycling community and our recreational equipment customers have switched to almost solely producing carbon fiber materials for bicycles due to their lightweight.

Our Carbon Fiber Machining Process

M&R Engineering can Turn and Mill carbon fiber parts. A common misconception is that you can also drill through this material, unfortunately, that is not true. Luckily we have an alternative. Drilling is not possible, however, milling a hole through it is. Workarounds such as this are what differentiate M&R Engineering from the rest. We are a strategic partner for you and will assist you through the process of ensuring your project is machining friendly and cost-efficient. 

We have a team of manufacturing professionals who are here to help. They focus on helping you create a project that is high quality and within budget. 

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Carbon Fiber Machined Parts
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