Brass Machined Parts

Using Brass as your Machined Parts Material

There are many benefits in working with brass as a material for your machined parts. For starters, brass is easy to machine which makes this material more cost efficient for CNC machining services. This is due to the fact that brass machined parts can be made faster and more efficiently than other metal material precision parts. In addition, brass itself is an alloy of copper and zinc. The proportions of the two materials can vary in order to achieve the mechanical or electrical properties you are seeking. This is a unique benefit for engineers when they are looking for a specific property in their material.

Benefits of Brass Machined Parts

Some other key benefits of brass machined parts include the fact that brass is resistant to corrosion. This makes it a great option for cold working, hot working, and casting. As well as the fact that these parts are able to be brazed and enameled. They also have a low coefficient of friction which makes this metal multifunctional across the mechanical spectrum. Another benefit is that brass has the ability to have decorative work done to it, which means you can plate brass easily.

Industries that Use Brass Machined Parts

We find that our aerospace, automotive, and builder customers utilize brass machined parts frequently. For example, builders use brass parts for locks, fittings, pipping, and many other parts needs to build homes, and structures.

CNC Machining Services

In M&R Engineering’s CNC machining services, we commonly see brass machined parts used for steam and hydraulic castings, valves, conduit, gears, statues, fasteners, tubing, and inserts. Brass parts can also be used without a surface finish which helps save on cost and delivery time. What is unique about M&R Engineering, is that we will help you throughout your design to build process. Using our expertise in machining, to help you reduce costs for your parts while maintaining a high level of quality.

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Brass Machined Parts
  • Blocks
  • Hydraulic Castings
  • Valves
  • Conduit
  • Gears
  • Statues
  • Fasteners
  • Tubing
  • Inserts
R&B Metals, an M&R Engineering Company

In 2007, M&R Engineering acquired R&B Plastics to expand capabilities into high precision CNC machined Plastics parts. To this day, we deliver high-quality parts to R&B Plastics customers.

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