Does M&R Engineering have a minimum order quantity?

At M&R Engineering we produce orders as small as five pieces. Depending on the manufacturing process, parts are price sensitive and each part must absorb an equal portion of the programming, setup costs, heat treat and plating processing charges. The smaller the order, the greater the cost.

Does M&R Engineering design parts?

M&R Engineering AS9100 certification does not cover design process. However, we work with our customers throughout the product development stage to ensure the final design developed has design stability, production stability, and economic stability. Check out our Case Studies to see how we have helped our customers.

Do you provide services other than machining?

Though we are a machining operation, we are constantly evaluating how to add value for our customers. Whether through product development participation, vendor managed inventories, or specialized packaging, we strive to support our customers’ needs.

Looking for prototypes?

M&R Engineering is not a prototype shop. However, we do an extensive amount of prototype work for our existing customers providing our value engineering expertise and supporting their product development efforts.

Looking for screws?

M&R Engineering does not make screws. Screws are made using a heading and thread rolling process that is not supported by our equipment. We do make a wide variety of custom fasteners, standoffs, connectors, inserts, and many custom mechanical parts on our high precision CNC Lathe, Swiss, and Mill machines.

Do you handle heat treat and plating?

M&R Engineering works with the best local subcontractors for special finishing processes including heat treat, passivation, cad, anodize, electroless nickel, zinc, silver, gold plating and others. Our vendor base is diverse covering the commercial and aerospace industries, depending on the customer purchase order requirements we utilize commercial level platers or NADCAP approved processors.

How do you ship parts?

We ship via UPS, common carrier, or any means specified by our customer. All our parts are shipped FOB Orange, unless we are requested to include shipping in the part price.