Having a technical problem in production or design?

At M&R Engineering, we battle not only the toughest machining challenges but also the most difficult designs. Whether the challenge pertains to parts manufactured by M&R Engineering or by other suppliers, we are glad to help. Please explain your challenge in the Contact Us form or call the office directly and request technical assistance.

Need parts in a hurry?

If you are in trouble and need products quickly, the M&R Engineering team is here to get it done! From raw material procurement to machining in days, sometimes hours. Our team thrives on challenges, and we call this white glove service Sudden Solutions. Please make sure to indicate “Sudden Solutions” on your Request a Quote and someone will get back to you right away.

Not sure what material to use for a new design part?

M&R Engineering has over 40 years of experience in metal and plastic machining of high precision parts. From aerospace to tech, we have done it all. We are here to help. Please fill out a Contact Us form or call the office indicating you have a technical question.

Ready to begin production but not sure if your design will yield the lowest possible manufacturing cost?

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of M&R’s 40+ years of experience in high precision machining. From connectors to rockets, we have seen it all. Our main objective is to deliver a quality product at the best possible price. As part of our service, we will help proof your design for manufacturability. Please fill out our Contact Us form or call the office directly and request technical help.

Looking for parts for your home improvement, hobby or school project?

Although we would love to help you, we are not set up for single-run production. We specialize in working with commercial items that have future demand. Our prices include machining time with setup time amortized over the order quantity. However, if you really want us to make your unique item, expect a high piece price.

Looking for parts in stock?

We do not typically stock custom machined plastic and metal parts. However, some aerospace parts that are purchased by multiple customers may be in inventory. Please provide print number and quantity required when you Contact Us.