Supporting Altwork’s Production Launch

M&R Engineering worked with Altwork to value engineer over 70 parts for the Altwork Station to reduce cost and improve manufacturability. Altwork benefited from M&R Engineering Sudden Solutions services and received high precision-machined parts within days from placing a purchase order to support their production needs. The Altwork Station is a tool for high-intensity computer users, and unlike standard desk and chair workstations, the user can quickly and easily use the product to sit, stand, recline and collaborate. The Station allows the monitor and keyboard to move seamlessly, at the press of a button, with the user instead of forcing them to conform to it. Any position is possible with the Altwork Station’s infinite adjustability.

Altwork approached M&R Engineering in October 2015 to manufacture bushings, guides, knobs, pins, pulleys, shafts, spacers, washers. They were looking for a local supplier who could deliver metal and plastic parts rapidly, and had the capability to run small lot sizes to support their design process, as well as the ability to scale up the volume and reduce cost.

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Helping a Customer Gain Market Share

M&R Engineering helped a customer in the high-end leisure and recreational industry to greatly reduce overall system cost and increase throughput. The customer’s component was suffering a higher than acceptable failure rate in the field. After detailed root cause analysis, M&R Engineering recommended changing a multistep machining process to a single process, producing the part completely on a CNC Swiss machine. The initial increase in cost was quickly offset by reduced quality losses and reduction in assembly costs. The field failure rate went to zero, and our customer was able to obtain additional business.


Providing Innovative Solutions

M&R Engineering has the highest level of talent pushing technical capabilities to solve problems that no one else can.

Our customer was suffering an unacceptable failure rate in a vacuum chamber resulting in significant downtime. M&R Engineering helped the customer design a two-component sealing system that greatly increased the number of vacuum cycles and substantially reduced the cost of maintenance by 90%. This innovative solution was driven by M&R Engineering’s imagination and backed by technical know-how in metal and plastic machining, and it performs very well for the customer to this day.

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