Robots and Automation in Machine Shop

Using Robots for Automation in Machine Shop
Delivering precision machined components through automation

M&R Engineering is investing in the future with automation with its first Robot.   2020-2021 Covid 19 years exposed a lot of challenges finding a workforce to support manufacturing in California.  As a solution to this problem, M&R Engineering is using a collaborative robot (Cobot) to load parts into our CNC Lathe machines.  This is a great milestone for M&R Engineering on the road to automation.  Robot is a great tool for automation in the machine shop.  Our Robot increases productivity and throughput to meet the growing demands of our customers while also improving our quality and safety.   

Benefits of Using Robots for Automation of the Machine Shop

Increase productivity: Cobots are easily programmed to perform multiple functions.  This Robot can be moved from machine to machine based on the workload.  This is especially important for the M&R Engineering Lathe department that specializes in a high-mix environment.  

Improve quality: Unlike operators, mechanical Robots are extremely consistent when it comes to repeatability. If your process is repeatable, the Robot can operate without problems day in and day out.  Cobot will stop and force you to fix the variation; hence, delivering better quality.    

Improve safety: Robots are a great solution for automation in machine shops. Robots perform high-risk or high repeatability tasks.  Robots are not susceptible to repetitive motion injury.  In addition, Robots do not experience fatigue.  Our Robot takes care of the simple tasks of loading and unloading a machine.  This allows our operators to run additional machines; hence, increasing productivity.   

Provide growth opportunities for employees: By automating boring and repetitive tasks with the help of a Robot, employees can focus more on work responsibilities that require critical thinking and creativity like setting up CNC Lathes and Robot programming.   These are growth opportunities for our employees that will lead to increased job satisfaction and improved work performance.  

In Conclusion, we value progress and innovation in the manufacturing industry at M&R Engineering.  We address the most difficult precision machining challenges in the aerospace, chemical, military, semiconductor, water management, automotive, communication, healthcare, commercial, and tech industries while helping our customers succeed!