Manufacturing Day 2018

manufacturing day 2018 Precision CNC Lathe CNC Turning Custom Machined Parts

Manufacturers across the country use MFG Day as an opportunity to inspire and recruit the next generation of manufacturers. As you may know, there is a deficient amount of qualified talent in the manufacturing industry to complete the requested machined parts projects. Simply put, there is not a large enough qualified labor force to fill the current need.

There are two main reasons why this is happening. One is because of the way the manufacturing industry was marketed and presented to students over the past fifty years. The second is because of the lack of available courses on the necessary subjects.

Part of the way that we can combat this issue is to participate in events like MFG Day to help educate students and adjust their perception of the industry. It is important to help facilitate the understanding of the “new collar” work that manufacturing now represents, as Ginni Rometty CEO from IBM described. Today’s manufacturing industry requires people with a specialized skill set compared to the traditional “blue collar” assembly job. Explaining this to students when they are in process of deciding which career path they’d like to follow is very powerful in assisting in changing the connotations around the industry.

On October 5, 2018, M&R Engineering will be hosting high school students from local high schools for MFG Day. The students will receive a tour of the facility as well as a presentation of the potential career paths available in the manufacturing industry. If you would like to participate in the tour or presentation to the students please click here. We welcome all support from the local manufacturing industry to help catapult us towards a future filled with more jobs available. Click here to learn more.