Woman Owned Manufacturing Company- M&R Engineering

carbide drill bit - M&R Engineering, A woman owned manufacturing company

The former COO of M&R Engineering, Natalia Sephton, is the new owner of M&R Engineering!

We are excited to announce some new operational efficiency enhancements coming down the pipe for M&R Engineering.

Some of the future efficiency improvements include:

Quotes– the quotes will be generated out of the GlobalShop MRP system. Creating a more efficient and user-friendly experience for our customers when viewing, reviewing, and purchasing from the quotes we submit.

Email Alerts– customers will receive email notifications when their order has transitioned into the next stage. For example, once the order has been confirmed and moves to the manufacturing stage, the customer will be alerted, as well as the tracking information when the order has been shipped.

If there are any other improvements you’d like to see M&R Engineering make, please don’t hesitate to email Natalia at natalia@m-reng.com with your suggestions. Our goal is to make working with M&R Engineering a simple, seamless experience in your manufacturing process.