PCTFE Machined Parts

At R&B Plastics, an M&R Engineering Company, we are industry experts in delivering high-performing, custom machined PCTFE parts. A PolyChloroTriFluoroEthylene (PCTFE) produced under the brand name Neoflon® is ideal for many electrical applications. Machined PCTFE parts resist most chemicals, do not absorb moisture, and offer zero flammability. Machined PCTFE is widely used in packaging films, as well as a variety of gaskets, seals, bearings, and valves.

PCTFE is a fluorocarbon-based polymer. PCTFE machining and Machined PCTFE parts offer excellent physical and mechanical properties as well as outstanding electrical properties. In addition to this, PCTFE features near zero moisture absorption and good chemical resistance. R&B Plastics, an M&R Engineering Company,offers a specific PCTFE called Neoflon® PCTFE, a high performance thermoplastic that has high compressive strength.

R&B Plastics, an M&R Engineering Company

In 2007, M&R Engineering acquired R&B Plastics to expand capabilities into high precision CNC machined Plastic parts. To this day, we deliver high quality parts to R&B customers.

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